About Us

The digital revolution is creating new frameworks and standards for our clients.

IntelliSpatial provides solutions utilising geospatial information to enable our clients to better understand the built environment and make informed decisions that lead to a continued return on investment on their assets. Each asset and the environment they operate in is unique, we provide the geospatial information that empowers our clients to make better decisions.

Geospatial Specialists 



To create geospatial solutions that support building a safer, more connected and sustainable world.


To be a leader providing geospatial information and analytics for sustainable future-focused decision-making.


Through geospatial data, technology and innovation, we provide actionable insights through intelligent analysis, allowing our clients to make critical decisions to improve the return on investment over the lifetime of their assets.

Who Are We?

The best way to describe the people who work at IntelliSpatial are geospatial geeks! We love geospatial data in all its forms and solving problems for our clients. More importantly we love turning geospatial data into actionable insights through the power of data dissemination and visualisation.

We are a mixture of geospatial professionals from a variety of backgrounds and experience, mixed with equally talented data scientists and software specialists.

Our Partners