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The IntelliSpatial team is passionate about providing the best solutions that are fit for purpose and crafted for the specific project outcomes. We are dedicated to collaborating with you in order to grasp the driving forces behind the project. We aim to enhance your comprehension of the geospatial tools and processes prevalent in the industry. This effort will ensure the incorporation of the most effective industry practices during implementation.

Our Team

Bruce Baker

Chief Executive Officer

Bruce joined the ISGroup in February 2011. Bruce is a passionate geospatial professional with 25 years’ experience in various aspects of strategy, business planning, operational management, and geospatial technology research and product development. Bruce is highly motivated, and challenge driven with a proven ability to lead, to take responsibility, and delegate to achieve goals and deliverables. Leading and mentoring teams to plan, organise, develop, implement, and manage strategies, projects, and people.

Wynand Mulder

Geospatial Manager

Wynand Mulder joined ISGroup in November 2019. As the Geospatial Manager based in Melbourne, Wynand manages the Geospatial team, overseeing various operations such as terrestrial and mobile laser scanning, unmanned airborne activities, point cloud processing, 3D modeling, and reality capture. With extensive experience, he combines strong supervisory, project management, and leadership skills. Wynand is a qualified surveyor specialising in mobile and terrestrial laser scanning, image mapping, trajectory analysis, and 3D image processing, making him an asset in the spatial information industry.

James Sanderson

National Business Development Manager

James joined the ISGroup in 2014 and brings more than 22 years of experience in the surveying and spatial services industry across Australia and overseas. As National Business Development Manager, James is responsible for developing, overseeing and implementing strategic business development initiatives across the nation and plays a key role in client engagement, acquisition, and retention. James is always at the forefront of geospatial technology, the latest trends and is often a key speaker at conferences sharing his wealth of knowledge with others. James is based in the Melbourne office.

Ben Allsopp

Geospatial Coordinator

Ben joined the ISGroup in June 2018. As Geospatial Coordinator, Ben is responsible for planning, managing, executing, and delivering geospatial projects using an array of reality capture tools and systems. With 20+ years’ experience, Ben has built a reputation for restoring morale, stretching resources, troubleshooting technical problems, winning over clients, and running a tight, safe operation on very large projects. Ben is based in the Perth office.

John Long

UAV Coordinator and Chief Pilot

John joined the ISGroup in November 2020. As UAV Coordinator and Chief Pilot, John is responsible for all operational matters and ensuring that operations are conducted in compliance with the Civil Aviation Act and the Regulations. With six years’ experience as a geospatial professional across the Australian geospatial industry, John has had exposure to a wide range of large-scale construction projects which has provided him with a broad range of skillsets. John is based in the Perth office.

Tania Murcha

Drafting Services Coordinator

Tania joined the ISGroup in 2008. As Drafting Services Coordinator, Tania is responsible for coordinating all drafting requirements across Australia throughout our numerous offices. Tania’s experience for both large corporate companies and local government agencies has covered a variety of drafting of Land Development Legal drawings, such as Deposited Plans, Interest Only Plans, Strata and Survey Strata Plans and Exclusive-use Plans, all from preliminary stage to completion. Tania is based in the Perth Office.

Greg Horman 

Geospatial Coordinator

Greg joined the ISGroup in October 2018. As Geospatial Coordinator based in Melbourne, Greg is responsible for the coordination of geospatial projects and Mobile Laser Scanning Surveys and derived deliverables on a national level. With 10+ of professional experience within the industry, Greg has worked on numerous engineering construction projects across Australia with both on-site and office environments.

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