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At IntelliSpatial, we look to understand our clients need to make informed decisions about their asset that delivers a return on investment. This understanding ensures we access fit for purpose geospatial data, at the appropriate level of detail and cost, allowing analysis to be undertaken to deliver the desired outcomes.


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Empowering Our Clients

Geospatial information is only one of many types of data that allow asset managers and owners to provide better insights on how to manage their assets with a greater knowledge of ongoing costs and performance. Geospatial data creates the framework for the digital twin on which other data types can be anchored to create a detailed storyboard of how an asset is performing over time.

IntelliSpatial provides services and solutions utilising geospatial information to enable asset owners and managers to better understand the built environment and make informed decisions that lead to continued return on investment on the assets that they operate. Each asset and the environment they operate in is unique, and therefore so is the geospatial information needed to make better decisions.

Data Management

Data management is about ensuring that when different data types are aggregated together, data integrity and quality are maintained. Believe it or not, not all data is equal. We need to understand how it was acquired, how it was processed and how it is aligned with the real-world. We also need to understand how old it is and whether it still reflects the current built environment. Once we understand the origin and quality of the data, we can work out the best way to bring it together so that it creates a single source or truth – DMaaS.

    Data Analytics

    What problem are we looking to solve or what decision does the client need to make? These questions drive what analysis we need to undertake to turn geospatial data into information. Analytics is largely driven by the tools and innovation available through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

    Data Visualisation

    Data can only become meaningful information when it is presented in a way the end user can understand. Consideration needs to be given as to how the end user wants to interact with the data, the platform and tools available to interact with it, and the dashboards that tell a story about compliance, interaction, change and or status. The user experience can range from web based 3D visualisation with live IoT updates in the office to augmented or extended (AR and XR) reality experience in the field. Everyone has different ways of looking at or engaging with geospatial data. Creating the right user experience is critical to success and value.

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      Creating a safer, more connected and sustainable world.

      As the digital revolution becomes a driver for new opportunities for our clients, IntelliSpatial is here as a partner to bridge the gap, between the real and digital world, creating geospatial solutions that support building a safer, more connected and sustainable world.

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