Data Visualisation

Unlocking Value through Tailored User Engagement

Data can only become meaningful information when it is presented in a way the end user can understand. Consideration needs to be given as to how the end user wants to interact with the data, the platform and tools available to interact with it, and the dashboards that tell a story about compliance, interaction, change and or status. The user experience can range from web based 3D visualisation with live IoT updates in the office to augmented or extended (AR and XR) reality experience in the field. Everyone has different ways of looking at or engaging with geospatial data. Creating the right user experience is critical to success and value.

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Reality Capture

Reality capture involves choosing the ideal imaging method pivotal for project success.

Data Management

Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) fit for purpose authoritative data accessible in the right platform.

Data Analytics

Data analytics and insights created via manual assessment, machine learning or artificial intelligence.

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