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Reality Capture is all about selecting the most appropriate laser scanning or imaging capture solution for the application. The asset type and size, level of detail and context, point of view, how the geospatial data will be utilised and by who, all need to be understood to capture and create the most appropriate, “fit for purpose” data set. Reality capture might involve UAV based image or LiDAR systems, traditional manned aerial and or LiDAR capture, vehicle mounted mobile scanning, terrestrial scanning, or even backpack or handheld SLAM based scanning solutions. Many projects require a combination, with so many options, selecting the correct solution is critical for success.

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Data Management

Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) fit for purpose authoritative data accessible in the right platform.

Data Visualisation

Visualisation of data to provide the right user experience to make assessment and decisions.

Data Analytics

Data analytics and insights created via manual assessment, machine learning or artificial intelligence.

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